Artisan d'Art | Dessin et Gouaché d'une montre sur le thème de l'Egypte (Scarabée et Soleil)

Drawing and Gouaché of a High Jewelry watch on the theme of Ancient Egypt


The art of drawing and Gouaché of jewelry and watches


The design of jewelry and / or watches is an Art that requires years of practice. It is a great asset to put down on paper your ideas for jewelry or watches. This allows me to be from the start of the project as close as possible to the final result and to avoid unfortunate disappointments. It is one of the key assets of the house.


Artisan d'Art | Dessin et Gouaché d'animaux pour l'horlogerie et  la joaillerie


 Artisan d'Art | Dessin et Gouaché de bijoux pour la joaillerie | Simon-Pierre Delord


Artisan d'Art | Dessin et Gouaché de montre pour l'horlogerie | Simon-Pierre Delord


Why drawing and gouaché in Jewelry and Watchmaking?


In jewelry, jewelry and watchmaking, drawing and gouache are inseparable from the creative process. Drawing and gouache usually come before the prototyping stage. These techniques allow the jeweler, the lapidary, the jeweler, the watchmaker or even the designer to express his idea to the customer. This idea can then be adapted according to the customer's wishes. The key to a good drawing or gouache of a watch or a piece of jewelry is not only its aesthetic aspect, it is also that it is achievable with the techniques mastered by the house. The use of color is a plus when it comes to pieces with several materials or stones of different colors. We will be able to seek the subtle balance of colors associated with the subtle balance of shapes. A professional draftsman and gouacher must learn over the years freehand drawing, perspective, the representation of textures, the representation of stones and materials. Like all fine crafts, the more you practice, the more you improve.


Drawing and gouaché of jewelry and watches: a technique of art and craftsmanship


Designer jeweler, jeweler, watchmaker or jewelry store all need drawing and gouache. From the initial sketch on a corner of the table to the final gouache, you have to know how to restore precious metals, precious stones and semi-precious stones. Whether we are making a ring, a pair of earrings, a piece of jewelry or jewelry, we will have to use this technique. The drawing and the gouache will allow the craftsman to reflect on the technical challenges of the following stages: setting, polishing, working the surfaces in order to make a jewel or a watch faithful to the imagined creation. It is also an essential means of communication between the different trades of the great jewelry houses. The complexity of mastering the design and gouache of jewelry and watches makes it an art profession in its own right.