Artisan Jeweler and Watchmaker in Cordes-sur-Ciel in the Tarn: Cordes Fine Jewelry (81)

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Jeweler - Watchmaker since 2012 I studied at the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts (Toulouse) and at the Strate College Designer (Paris). I have worked for various watchmaker houses: Chronographe Suisse (Paris), Tempvs Compvtare (Switzerland) or even A.L.B (Toulouse). I have also designed many collections for prestigious brands. Over the years, I have specialized in small-scale sculpture. I highlight this know-how through the Art of Glyptics and the ancestral technique of Lost Wax.


The Creations of your Artisan Jeweler and Watchmaker in the Tarn


Located in front of the Capelette Saint-Jacques in the medieval city of Cordes sur Ciel, I welcome you to his workshop to help you discover the world of the Artisan Jeweler. Thanks to my know-how and my passion, Jeweler and watchmaker near Carmaux, I invite you to look at his different creations:


The Classics :


- Ring, Alliance in Silver, 18K Gold or Platinum

- Pendant in Silver, 18K Gold or Platinum

- Bracelet in Silver, 18K Gold or platinum

- Earrings in Silver, 18K Gold or Platinum

- Jewelry with fine or precious stones




I support you in the design and production of the jewelry, jewels or watch of your dreams. Thanks to my talent as a recognized designer, I help you to give birth to your most creative ideas. I have a wide choice of precious stones, fine stones and semi-precious stones.


My Know-how:


Art of Glyptics: Sculpture on precious stone, fine stone or semi-precious stone. It starts with a drawing and a stone then an artistic soul for the realization. We will give birth to animal, floral or architectural works for a private client or other jewelry artists. This Art requires hours, weeks, sometimes months of work. For the greatest Craftsmen, this can go up to years for exceptional pieces.

Lost wax casting: The jewel is carved by hand in wax. This wax is trapped in the plaster. We put the plaster in the oven. The wax melts and leaves its mark. This imprint is filled with precious metal. This Art requires mastery of sculpture but also that of the foundry process. The foundry is carried out in my Workshop

Watchmaking: Design, conception and development of cases, dials and rings for the casing of Swiss ETA 6498, ETA 2671, ETA 2824 type movements. In order to avoid too many questions, the production cost of a case fully personalized complete is minimum 1000 Euros. I am the master of manufacturing to the finished object. Lathe, milling machine and other tools allow me not to subcontract anything. During this type of development, I sometimes call on Vincent Candellé Tuheille watchmaker in Toulouse. I can also manufacture cases for the casing of old movement type 6498 for example.


My world :


I offer unique pieces straight out of my imagination, my family influences, my travels and historical heritage. Craftsman Jeweler and Watchmaker (81) I remain at your entire disposal for the creation of all types of jewels and precious objects. I can also participate in the creation of a line of jewelry. Exceptional Gems inspire me to create fantasy universes where materials, shapes and their evocative powers mingle. My job is to allow precious stones to come together in harmony. Years of experience allow me to create subtle, precious, rare and original balances. The Universe of the Workshop is unique, sometimes divisive however it rarely leaves indifferent.


"I create objects made to awaken and accompany its custodian" 


Your jeweler in Cordes-sur-Ciel


You have a specific model in mind or you want to offer an original and personalized gift: Benefit from my opinion and my know-how as an artisan jeweler near Montauban for tailor-made artisanal creations. With your Craftsman Jeweler of Cordes (81) accessible High Jewelry, it is possible.