Arts and Crafts | Luxury watch | case, dial and buckle made using the lost wax casting technique

The case, dial and buckle of this watch were made using the lost wax casting technique


The Art of Lost Wax Casting


Lost wax is a precision casting process that produces a metal sculpture from a wax model. This ancestral technique is over 6000 years old. The main stages of this technique are as follows: The piece is sculpted and modeled by hand in wax. This wax is then trapped in refractory plaster. We put the plaster in the oven. The wax melts and leaves its mark. This imprint is filled with precious metal. The workshop is fully equipped for carrying out these different stages in-house.


Arts and Crafts | Photo of the workstations required for lost wax casting in jewelry


Small illustration of the process in pictures:


Arts and Crafts | Simplified process of lost wax casting applied to jewelry


I. The prototype is made by sculpting and / or modeling the wax

II. A casting cone is added to the wax prototype

III. We cast the prototype in a refractory plaster

IV. The mold is heated so that it hardens and the wax melts

V. The molten metal is introduced into the mold

VI. The mold is broken in order to free the metal prototype

VII. The casting cone is cut

VIII. We will then do all the repeats: File, weld, hole, polish, adjust, etc.

Between the end of stage I and stage VII, it takes 12 hours to build a quality foundry. It is possible to melt several pieces at the same time however I prefer for the complex pieces to put only one per mold for an optimal result.


Arts and Crafts | Lost wax foundry applied to jewelry and watchmaking