"Sleeping Scarab", Argentium and Amethyst ring, High Jewelry. Perspective view
  • "Sleeping Scarab", Argentium and Amethyst ring, High Jewelry. Perspective view
  • "Sleeping Scarab", Argentium and Amethyst ring, High Jewelry. Front view
  • "Sleeping Scarab", Argentium and Amethyst ring, High Jewelry. Side view
  • "Sleeping Scarab", Argentium and Amethyst ring, High Jewelry. Back view

Ring "Sleeping Scarab"

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High Jewelry ring. Jewelery creation entitled "The Sleeping Scarab". The Scarab is carved from a raw Amethyst. The chiseled frame is made of Argentium. Inspired by Egypt, it represents papyrus stems. The Scarab represents the principle of the eternity of the soul and its material, the Amethyst, temperance. This piece is unique. The scarab sculpture was made by our lapidary craftsman and glyptician in our workshop.

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Specificities of the Model

Unique piece / Fantastic Universe

AA grade amethyst beetle carved in our workshop

Chiseled Argentium frame

Finger size: T53 (FR 13 / US 6.25 / D16.75) Resizing is not possible

Weight: 16.62 grams

Dimensions: Length: 20.5 mm / Width: 22 mm / Height: 28.6 mm

Made in Cordes-sur-Ciel in France

Techniques used

The Amethyst is hand sculpted by our talented lapidary craftsman and glyptician using diamond tools.

The original frame is first sculpted in wax. It is then produced in Argentium using the lost wax casting technique.

We carry out in our premises sculpture, foundry, gem setting as well as polishing


The Scarab:

In ancient Egypt, it was the symbol of the solar cycle as well as the resurrection. He is the image of the sun reborn by itself, the cycle of day and night. Symbolizing the principle of eternal return, it was worn as an amulet. (CHGH)

In the Gothland region (Sweden) it bears the name of "Thorbagge" (insect of Thor) because it was dedicated to Thor. (CHGH)

The Amethyst:

The amethyst is a temperance stone. Its color is made of an equal proportion of red and blue. Balance between heaven and earth, sense and spirit, passion and intelligence.

Arcane XIIII of the tarot is named temperance. It represents an angel who holds in his hands two vases, one blue, the other red, between which a colorless fluid, vital water, is exchanged. The purple invisible on this representation is the result of this perpetual exchange between the chthonian red and the celestial blue. (Chthonian: relating to the infernal or telluric divinity that is to say underground in Greek mythology)

Ancient Beliefs

Beetle contributes to longevity and protects against serious incidents (DERR)

In Sweden, putting a scarab back on these legs causes 7 sins to expiate. (JONE)


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